We use corespun thread for all the exterior parts of our bags and upholstery thread for the interior.

Corespun threads, sometimes referred “pcore” or “polycore” or “cottoncore”, are made by wrapping a cotton wrapper around a continuous filament bundle of polyester fibres during spinning, and then plying these yarns into a sewing thread. The continuous filament polyester core makes up approximately 60% of the thread construction.

This core contributes to:

• Higher strength per size (higher tenacity)

• Greater uniformity in size, strength and other physical characteristics

• A higher initial modulus or resistance to stretching contributing to better loop formation and reduced seam puckering. • Better ply security – fewer unravel type thread breaks • Superior abrasion resistance & durability

The wrapper gives the thread a fibrous surface that contributes to:

• A softer “hand” or feel than a 100% continuous filament threads

• A matte finish stitch appearance similar to a spun thread construction

• Superior frictional characteristics compared to a continuous filament threads •